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If you are searching for some great tasting American made vaping juice(e liquid) for use in your PVD(personal vaping device, e cig) then you have found a great resource. American eliquid Reviews lists and reviews quality eJuice from some of the top US producers of eliquid. From the menu above, you can find discount codes, informational articles, and more information about some of the quality eliquid producers found on this site. Thanks for visiting, Larry.

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e Liquid Reviews

Vapor Zone is now VaporFi

VaporFi banner

Decadent Dip ~ I don't know of anyone who doesn't enjoy Chocolate and Strawberries. Decadent Dip comes with two shots of chocolate and one of strawberries. After vaping this one for a couple of days, I have to say I really like this. Although, I would also say that the chocolate is pretty dominant. The strawberry struggles to come through. For me, maybe one shot of each would have balanced it out. But the chocolate? Delicious!

One thing I will say about VaporFi's eliquid, is that their flavorings are top notch. Many eliquids I have tried, the flavors seem so weak they just can't quite come through like they should. Not Vapor Zone. So far, sooo good.

Arkansas eLiquid is a recent find and offers a full line of American made e-liquid. The ejuice I have tested so far, is Tigers Blood, a mix of coconut and strawberry. It is a very delicious blend and an exceedingly tasty vape. A big thumbs up for AREL's Tiger's Blood.

For me, another real winner from AREL is Green Fairy. This has the really tasty mix of kiwi, absinthe and a few spices I couldn't quite make out. I really like the absinthe vape. It is the mix of absinthe with the delightful taste of kiwi that makes this one a pleasure to vape. Easily could be an all day and all night vape. This one is going in My Favorites!

I realize there are those who don't like absinthe. If that is you, well, just skip this one, though I don't see what is so bad about it. However, if you like the absinthe vape, I think you'll like this one. It is not a heavy absinthe, but is quite subtle and very tasty.

Highbrow Premium E-liquid ~ I received three samples to test out, RY4 - Heavenly Macaroon - Blackberry Limoncella. The most recent flavor I have tried is Dark Chocolate Mint, mmmmm.

Dark Chocolate Mint - I love dark chocolate. The darker the better. I love mint. The two together is a smash. When I ordered a 30ml bottle from Highbrow (24mg, VG-100%), I wasn't sure what to really expect. I have tested some "flavored" juices from other producers, where the flavoring it was named for, just wasn't coming through. NOT WITH THIS ONE. The very first vape left a smile on my face. I can really taste the mingling of dark chocolate and mint, in a perfect blend. I love this one and will be ordering more. If you are a chocolate and mint lover, you will love this wonderful e-liquid by Highbrow. Bryan, you've got this one totally right.

RY4 - Your typical tobacco flavored e-liquid. Since I'm a basic tobacco kind of guy, I really like this one. Has a really great taste with a nice throat-hit. I know that there are other RY4 offerings out there, but this one is at the top.

Heavenly Macaroon - This one has a very smooth, slightly sweet taste, but not overpowering. You can taste the hint of coconut and chocolate. I wasn't getting the almond, but then, that's just me. This would be a nice change-up vape.

Blackberry Limoncella - I definitely get a berry flavor with this one, and maybe its my old taste buds, but I couldn't quite get the "black" out of it. However, it is a nice tasting e-juice with a berry flavor. Throat hit - nice, as well as vapor production.

Carmel Cake - Highbrow has recently released Carmel Cake. It is a very good vape, with light sweet tones. I found it to have a very smooth vanilla taste, with caramel undertones. It is a very nice dessert vape, still giving you a very nice throat hit. All I can say is, "Great job, Bryan!"

Here is why you will want to give them a try.

  • E-liquid made fresh when you order.
  • VG and PG are 100% USP Food grade kosher.
  • Nicotine is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade.
  • Produced in medically clean environments.
  • Free shipping on orders over $50.
  • Over 30 e-liquid flavors to choose from.

They also give you the ability to modify your e-liquid. What do I mean? Well, they say . . .

"At checkout you will be given the choice of modifying your ecig juice (double flavor, PG/VG/Mix percentage, extra throat hit, additional flavors, etc.) with no additional charge. This gives you a vast array of options when it comes to fine-tuning the best e cigarette liquid for your particular taste."

Can you get that when you order from the Chinaman? I don't think so.


Halo E-Liquid was the first American e-juice that I found, when I first started vaping in 2009. When I discovered them, I was really pleased to find an American made e-liquid. The first juice that I used from Halo, was their 'Freedom Juice'. It had a smooth, tobacco flavor, with a pretty nice throat hit. Another thing that I liked about Halo, was when I ordered from them, they almost always sent me a sampler of another flavor.

One sampler I received from them was Cool Mist, a smooth menthol flavor. That was nice since I liked being able to switch to a menthol vape from time to time. Over all, I think they serve up a high quality product and they have over 20 flavors to choose from. I recently noticed that Halo has expanded the e-liquid line with several new flavors. I ordered the Tobacco Sampler which comes in a really nice looking tin, with the following flavors:

Torque 56 ~ Prime 15 ~ Tribeca ~ HX3 ~ Captain Jack ~ Midnight Apple

Midnight Apple is a great tasting tobacco vape with a very pleasant sweetness on the backside of the vape. It must be the Granny Smith apples, cause this is the perfect blend of smooth tobacco and a soothing hint of sweet. Definitely will become one of my main vaping liquids. Just ordered a 30ml bottle today. That's how much I like this one.

Captain Jack is a stout vape (great throat hit) which smooths out with a trailing of sweetness. This is the perfect combination of a burly tobacco taste, tempered with a light sweetness. Good work Halo. I love it and I bet you will too.

HX3 is what I would consider a very light menthol. If you like a change up to a smooth menthol, you should give HX3 a try.

Tribeca is a very nice, smooth tobacco vape.

Vaping Voodoo as I write this, it has a very nice, smooth tobacco flavor, noting a definite hint of spice, with a slight sweetness on the backside. I vaped this for about two days solid, and found it different and very enjoyable.

I received four samples of GoodeJuice's House Brewed e-Liquid - Acadian Gold, GJ4 Tobacco, Natural Perique Tobacco and Vita Bella. I was rather excited to give these a good test run.

I started with the Acadian Gold, because of the name. I don't know, it just intrigued me. I vaped the Acadian for about a whole day then I switched over to the Vita Bella. I vaped these two for a couple of days, then switched over to the GJ4 and the Natural Perique.

(The juices in the Housebrewed category only come in a 50/50 mix of PG/VG, due to the extraction process used.)

Acadian Gold - When I first started vaping this offering, I had an immediate reaction, "WOW". I have vaped some pretty good tobacco eliquids in my day, but this one stands alone in the tobacco category. My first impression was, 'this is really strong'. It was as close to smoking a non-filtered cigarette that you can come, without actually tearing the filter off of a cigarette and smoking it (which I have done on occasions. Usually because I was lighting up in the dark and lit the wrong end. Please don't tell me you've never done that.)

However, the more I vape it, the more I really like it. If you are looking for a true tobacco experience in your vape, I can definitely recommend the Acadian Gold. Great Throat Hit and Vapor Production.

Vita Bella - This one is a bit different. I still get a good tobacco flavor with Vita Bella, but it comes with what I would call a slight "nutty" flavor. GoodeJuice refers to as a slightly sweet taste. I get a slightly nutty taste. This makes it very unique. Is it "slightly sweet" or "slightly nutty"? You decide. It has a smoother taste than the Acadian Gold, so the throat hit is not quite as strong, but still has enough kick to let you know its there. I would also recommend this one for those who are looking for a bit of a smoother tobacco vape, with a slightly "sweet/nutty" taste.

GJ4 - This is GoodeJuice's take on the ever popular, RY4. I've tried a few RY4 versions in my day. This one is the best. As with the other GoodeJuice mixes, it has great vapor and throat hit. It also has a slight sweetness on the backside, which I like very much. This is a very good tobacco vape for the vaping tobacconist.

Natural Perique Tobacco - This "caviar" of tobacco, lives up to the expectation. While producing the anticipated vapor and throat hit, this one does not disappoint. A very full-bodied tobacco flavor, taken from where the true Perique tobacco comes from, St. James Parish, LA.

Having vaped these four Housebrewed Tobacco E-Liquids from GoodeJuice, I must say that if you are a user of the electronic cigarette and like a realistic tobacco ejuice for your vaping, any one of these are worth using. If you're not the foo-foo eliquid type, but want as close to a real tobacco experience with your e-cig, try any of GoodeJuice's Housebrewed offerings. I don't believe you will be disappointed.

Important Note: GoodeJuice also carries two lines of imported ejuice, DeKang and Joyetech. I won't be reviewing these since they are not American Made.

South Beach Smoke carries a tasty line of American made eliquid. I really like the options they give of adding extra shots of flavor into many of the offerings. They also allow you to Custom Blend an eliquid with just the flavors you want. I will be posting a few reviews of some of their flavors.

Top Shelf Bourbon ~ This eliquid has the nice smooth taste of a good bourbon. It is not overpowering by any means, but once it hits your palate, you will notice that smooth taste of a good bourbon. I could see this becoming one of my favorite vapes. I don't think that if you are a recovering alcoholic, it will throw a craving on you. However, you might play it safe and avoid the temptation.

That said, I can highly recommend Top Shelf Bourbon as a very smooth vape with the tones of a good bourbon.

Vaporetti, based in Rhode Island, is one of my better finds. I received several samples of the Vaporetti V-drops to review, and I must say, I am quite pleased. I also got my hands on the Vaporetti's version of the e-cig tank system. I have always loved the idea of the tank. However, up till now I haven't found a tank system that lived up to the hipe.

Vaporetti's tank system e-cigarette is wonderful. It is extremely easy to fill, and above all, it doesn't leak. This has been the problem that I've had with previous tank systems I've tried, namely Totally Wicked. I was disappointed with Totally Wicked's tank, due to it constantly leaking. But Vaporetti's tank seals wonderfully, and drips just the right amount of e-juice onto the atomizer, for a smooth vaping experience. If you like a tank system or have wanted to try one, I would highly recommend grabbing Vaporetto-T e-cig Starter Kit.

Here are the Vaporetti V-drops I have tried so far. Unless otherwise stated, all e-liquids tested performed well in throat hit and vapor production.

Strawberry Gelato ~ If you like a nice, smooth Strawberry vape, this is a nice one. The strawberry is not overwhelming, but seems to be the right blend for giving you that pleasant strawberry flavor.

Expresso Italiano ~ So far, this is my favorite. It has a very pleasing, robust cafe' flavor. I am a big coffee drinker, and this one gives me a nice, rich flavoring. This one will become one of my standard vapes.

Caffè' Dolci Cappuccino ~ For me, this one comes across as a lightly sweet, smooth vape. As stated above, I am big coffee drinker, and enjoy a nice cappuccino on occasion. This one goes down smooth, with a nice aftertaste.

Creme' Brulee ~ This one I really like. It has a great flavor. The light vanilla definitely comes through on this one. It has a great, light sweetness and though it may not matter, it smells great. My wife, hates smoking, loves the smell of this one. She even wanted to taste it, and said it tasted very nice. That is the best recommendation I could get or give. This is one of Vaporetti's Best.

Creme Caramello ~ I have two words to describe this one, Smooth and Creamy. I am not a big fan of carmel, however, the creamy tones in this one are just right. Not over the top sweet, just enough to please the sweet palate. I agree that it would make a nice after dinner vape.

Vaporetti Discount Codes

Buy Vapor carries a variety of American made eLiquids, such as Jameson's Irish Vapor, Space Jam, Vapor, and Pure XTC. They also offer a 0% nicotine eliquid for those of you who still love the vaping experience, but want to get off the nicotine train.

Starship 1 by Space Jam Juice ~ The moment I opened my bottle of Starship 1, I was greeted by a delicious aroma. From my first few vapes, I knew this one was a good one. It has a very subtle fruit flavor, and I can definitely pick up on the kiwi. It is a very smooth, fruit vape, that one could enjoy all day long. I know I did. This one is a keeper from Space Jam.

Red Devils by XTC ~ WOW! If you like the hot, cinnamon vapes, you will love this one. I remember buying the bags of Red Hots as a kid, and munching on them through the day. I loved them. When I first started to vape Red Devils, I noticed a sweet taste on front of my tongue. Then when I inhaled, the fire started burning. I do not enjoy a hot vape, but for those of you who do, I think you'll like this one.

Turkish Tobacco by Vapor ~ This is a really nice, smooth tobacco vape. I detect a very slight sweet undertone to it, but not so heavy that it is overly noticeable. This one will satisfy the smooth tobacco vaporist. It could easily become one of my regular tobacco vaping juices.

Andromeda by Space Jam Juice ~ This is another fruity vape. Very smooth, lightly sweet, with some delicious tones of fruitiness that the fruit vaporist will be sure to enjoy.

H-Bomb by XTC ~ I love this one. It has a very slight sweetness upfront, then on the backside of the vape, the hint of the absinthe kicks in. The absinthe gives it a very mild, but noticeable licorice hint. Neither the sweetness nor the licorice is dominant, but blend together to make one great tasting vaping juice. I'll be keeping this one around as one of my regulars.

Check out their Discounts or Featured Page, or head on over to, and browse through their numerous vaping selections.

Virgin Vapor is one of my better additions to the list of Made in the USA e-Juice. I have recently tried two of their flavors, the Organic Black Cherry Marshmallow, and the Organic Chocolate Cake. I am trying to get away from juices with a high % of PG, as they have become a little harsh for my developing tastes.

Virgin Vapor's organic flavors with 100% VG is a very nice find. I love both of these flavors and even though it is 100% VG, it provides me with a great taste and a smooth, yet vibrant throat hit.

I can honestly highly recommend Virgin Vapor as a Premium American Made e-Liquid.

South Coast Vapor is new to the site. I will be posting some reviews of their e-Liquid very soon.

Tear My Heart Out ~ From the name, you're not sure what to expect. However, what you get is a very smooth, fruity vape. For me, it is not over the top fruity, but a mild and very pleasant fruit vape. I vaped this for about two days straight, and I never got tired of it. If you like a nice mild fruit vape, this one could be just what you're looking for.

Nana's Bread ~ This is a very pleasant vape. It has a slightly sweet tone, with a hint of cinnamon. I'm not sure I get banana bread, but I do get a nice tasting vape, that could be enjoyed all day long.

Mt. Dew ~ The citrus taste of lemon & lime. This one was a bit of a surprise. I never was a big Mt. Dew drinker, but within a few vapes, I could definitely taste that lemon/lime flavor. For me, I get more of the lime than lemon. Also if I am not mistaken, and my mind is not playing tricks on me, there seems to be a slight sensation of carbonation. I know, its not possible, but that is what I'm getting. If you are a Mt. Dew drinker, you might really like this one.

Velvet Vapors is new to the site. Here are a few of their offerings that I've vaped.

Bananas Foster (Organic) ~ This one is PG free and the flavoring is certified organic. It has a nice taste to it. The banana is light but comes through very nicely. This would be a nice one for those who have an adverse reaction to PG.

French Vanilla (Organic) ~ Organic flavoring and PG free also. The vanilla is not overpowering, but comes through as a very nice vanilla tone. Also the smell is as nice as the flavor. This can't be said for a lot of vapes.

Bear Claw ~ I love bear claws, the pastry that is. This vape comes close to the real thing. It has a definite nutty, cinnamon flavor to it. I had to vape the whole 10ml bottle. Sometimes when testing a new juice, I can vape just one or two tanks, and get the feel for the flavor. This one I had to vape the whole bottle. Not because the flavor eluded me, but because I was really enjoying it. If you like that nutty/cinnamon flavor, you might like it too.

Root Beer Float ~ As a kid, I loved going to A & W for their root beer floats in the glass mugs. With this one, I'm not getting the float part so much (vanilla ice cream), but the root beer comes through great. So for me, I would call this a root beer vape. I also vaped the whole 10ml bottle of this one. Very Nice Velvet Vapors.

Rasta Vapors is a relatively new addition here. They have an interesting line of vaping juices, with equally interesting descriptions. I will be posting some reviews over the next several days. Here a some to get start with.

Matanuska ~ Rasta Vapors describes this one as a "tobacco flavor only the strong can handle." It actually is what I would describe as more of a full-bodied tobacco flavor. I don't find it overly strong, as far as tobacco juices go, but it does fall into the category of being a hefty tobacco eliquid. Not by any means harsh, but has a nice smoothness to it. It would probably be a good one for the tobacconist vapist. I have been vaping it for a couple of days solid, and find it has a nice taste. If you like a good tobacco vape, you might give this one try. I think you might really like it.

Fiction ~ The only thing I can really say about Fiction, is that it is nice tasting, smooth tobacco vape. I'm not picking up any real hidden flavors. Just a very nice, smooth tobacco vape, that I enjoyed vaping. If you're looking a real tobacco vape, I would stick with Matanuska.

Blueberry Haze ~ Rasta describes this one as "citrus blend of blueberry, orange and cotton candy." For me, I could really only taste the blueberry coming through. But it was good. It was not overpowering blueberry, but had the predominant taste of blueberry. I would have like to taste the orange and cotton candy, but for me personally, it just wasn't there. This is a common problem I think, when producers mix three or more flavors together. There usually is a dominant flavor, that overpowers the others. Sometimes, the three or more can be mixed to create a flavor that could be considered new.

If you like blueberries, this will probably suit your tastes. It has a really nice berry flavor to it and I enjoyed vaping it.

Dazed ~ Carmel, you either like it or don't. I have never been much of a carmel lover. Its alright, but given the choice, I'd take chocolate any day. Having said that, this has a really nice, smooth carmel flavor to it. I have been vaping it solid for about two days now. It is supposed to be a Carmel-Apple eliquid, but the carmel is dominant in this one with just a hint of apple. I think its great. If you like smooth carmel, I would suggest you give it try.

I just received several samples of the eJuice offered by Zeus e-Juice. My reviews of these great tasting vaping juices are complete.

Gorilla Booze ~ This one is a delight. It basically comes across like a fruit infused tobacco. I can't necessarily distinguish the exact fruits involved here, but it is very tasty. The closest fruity flavor I can associate it with is along the lines of a Juicy Fruit flavor. I love Juicy Fruit gum, so this one is very tasty to me. I give it two big thumbs up. If you like a mild tobacco with a fruitiness in its tone, then this one will surely please.

Zeus Juice ~ Fruity, sweet and tasty. That's about all that can be said about this signature flavored eliquid from Zeus e-Juice. I loved it from the first vape. It is truly a cocktail of fruitness, that will have you coming back for more. I believe that Zeus e-Juice has it down when it comes to blending delicious fruit eJuices.

Demeter's Harvest ~ A blend of several different fruit tones, but none that really stand out and shout at you. What I would call a soft blend of various fruit flavors, that combine to make a smooth melody of fruit tones. Good, but as far as a fruit e-liquid, not their best. So far, I would leave that honor to Zeus Juice.

Guilty Pleasures Organics produces a unique e-Liquid, made from natural herbs, which they call their "Happy Lungs" formula. You can read about the herbs used in this Happy Lungs formula here, that help support lung health, hence the Happy Lungs name. They do not use propylene glycol or any synthetic ingredients.

I am very excited about the potential of this unique herbal e-liquid formula. If you want to check them out for yourself, head on over to Guilty Pleasures Organics and see what they have to offer.

Before I get to my reviews of Guilty Pleasures Organics e-liquid, some qualifying comments are necessary. If you are a hardcore vaper, who is looking for that simulated cigarette experience, with a kick in the head throat hit, this eliquid is probably not for you. But it might be. I'll explain in a moment.

This vaping juice is more tailored for those who consider themselves to be more of a health conscious vaper. Health conscious, in the sense that you are not getting any of the typical PG/VG mix (only kosher glycerin of palm is used), but all natural, organic herbs, with organic flavoring. So, if you are looking for a way to continue to enjoy the pleasure of vaping, and cut down on your nicotine intake, then this might be just what you're looking for. Now if you prefer, they will add nicotine to your mix (up to 16mg).

It is a very good idea to shake the bottles before filling your carts or tanks. Also note that if you have Guilty Pleasures add nicotine to your ordered e-liquid, it can affect the flavoring level that you'll receive. I found that the juices without nicotine, had a much more pronounced flavor, than the ones with nicotine added. But that of course, is up to you. You should just be aware of that possibility.

I would encourage you to read the testimonials of those who have used the Happy Lungs formula. Now to the reviews.

Divas Private Reserve ~ This is a new flavor, that as of this review is not yet available. It is a blend of Chocolate, Coffee, Orange and of course, the Happy Lungs Herbal formula. As far as taste goes, this is very good. I can't pick out any particular flavor, but the blend of these together make for a very smooth, and slightly sweet vape. Two thumbs up from me. Good work Judy.

Caramel Chocolate ~ This is also a new flavor and a great tasting herbal e-liquid. Carmel and chocolate have always been a great combination, and this does not disappoint. The smoothness of the caramel comes through first, which is really nice, with just a hint of the chocolate afterwards.

Happy Lungs Formula ~ This is the straight herbs by themselves. No additional flavoring. I vaped this by itself, and surprisingly it had a very pleasant taste. It reminded me of a light tobacco, very smooth, with no bad or "herbal" aftertaste. I then mixed a tank of 50% Happy Lungs, with 50% straight tobacco eliquid (24mg nicotine) from a different producer. I wanted to see how it tasted mixed with someone else's eliquid. This mix gave me more of a throat hit, while still giving me a very smooth and pleasurable vape. I enjoyed the Happy Lungs by itself, or mixing it with another of my favorite eliquids. This way, I can get a great tasting vape, with the benefits of the herbal mix.

Bulk e-Juice provides its customers with the advantage of purchasing their quality American made eLiquid, in bottle sizes from 1oz(30ml), 3oz(90ml), 8oz(240ml) and 16oz(480ml). You might think that is a load of eJuice to buy at one time. However, the idea is buying your favorite vaping juice in these quantities, will save you a load of money.

They also offer a range of samplers, so you can choose your favorite eJuice before you buy in bulk. Their juice comes in a standardized 50/50 PG/VG mix, in nicotine strengths 0-18mg.

I sampled four different flavors of Bulk e-Juice, Bavarian Creme, Cappacino, Tobacco and Mojito.

Of these four, the Mojito was by far the best. On occasion, I will drink a mojito or two. I really like the citrus flavor. This Mojito flavored eliquid gives me that same citrus experience. I liked it so well, that I listed it among my favorites. If you like to sip a Mojito, definitely give this one a try. I think you'll really like it.

Honey Boo Boo's Bounty ~ This is Nashville Vapor's take on Boba's Bounty. It has been a very long time since I had any Boba's Bounty so I have forgotten what it really tasted like. However, I do remember that I like it very much. So to compare Honey Boo Boo's Bounty might be difficult. However, my take on Honey Boo Boo's Bounty is that it is quite good. It is a very mellow, slightly sweet tobacco flavor that certainly would work as an all day vape. If you like a smooth tobacco vape with a hint of sweetness, then I would certainly recommend you give this a try.

Enter The Dragon ~ I really loved this one from the first vape. It is a very nice fruit vape, but not overly so. Most of the time with mixed fruit flavored eliquids, you might not be able to pick out a specific fruit. Enter the Dragon is no different. That is fine with me. If I want a certain fruity vape, like apple or a berry, then I would order that flavor. This is a very nice fruit blend, that should make the fruit vapers smile.

Professor Marvel’s Master Blend ~ The Professor's Master Blend is a smooth, yet hefty tobacco blend. Some have labeled this Nashville Vapor's version of RY4. If you are a vaper of the tobacconist line of eliquid, this one could be what you are looking for.

Carmelvis ~ This is a tasty one. If you like carmel, then you should give this a try. It is not a heavy carmel, but a nice, smooth carmel vape. Definitely a tasty vape.

Alternate eCig is one of my new additions. I will be posting reviews of some of their eliquid offerings soon. In the meantime, check them out for yourself Here .

I haven't had the chance to review any of Mountain Oaks eliquid. From the reviews on their website, many rank them very high. You can check them out for yourself by visiting Mountain Oak Vapors.

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